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  • Avocado Lamb Hass, the influencer of the Huerta de Pancha
    La Huerta de Pancha has dressed up to see the Lamb Hass Avocado parade, the new variety of avocado, younger than the Hass and an influencer on the rise. For those who do not know the Lamb Hass avocado variety, it comes from a seed selected from a cross-pollination of “Gwen” (granddaughter of the “Hass”). The cultivation of the Lamb Hass avocado in Spain is very recent. It is very similar to Hass, although wider […]
  • How to make homemade guacamole easily and simply
    Guacamole is one of the most popular sauces in the world. It is a dishmainlymade up of avocado, the tropical fruit par excellence of La Huerta de Pancha. Guacamole has its origin in Mexico since the avocado (mainingredient of this sauce) is a foodthat comes fromthe central and sou thern zone of this country. It began to be made before the fifteen the century and its fresh and unmistakable flavor has conquered much of the […]
  • The white onion, an essential food in mediterranean cuisine.
    Mediterranean gastronomy is an art that further enriches our culture. A lifestyle based on well-prepared food rich in highly nutritional foods. If we stop to mention the products that cannot be missing in any kitchen, we must make a special mention of the white onion. White onion is a staple for much of our dishes. In addition to being an important source of vitamins, it contains antirheumatic properties. At La Huerta de Pancha we grow […]
  • Juan Ávila, CEO of La Huerta de Pancha.
    We meet Juan Ávila, CEO of La Huerta de Pancha. Audiovisual communication has beeninstalled in thecommunicationstrategy of manycompanies, includingLa Huerta de Pancha. Withthe idea of ​​continuing to progress in theinformativeaspect, from La Huerta de Pancha wewanted to get to know Juan Ávila, a TechnicalArchitectby training and, currently, CEO of ourfamilybusiness. In a firstcontact, Juan tellsusthat, despitehavingstudiedTechnicalArchitecture, he decided to entertheworld of thecountryside and takethereins of La Huerta de Pancha, a familybusinessthatsettled in theAxarquiaregion of Malaga. […]
  • Pancha Blog
    Next Monday April 25th we will launch our blog “PACHA BLOG” We invite you to know the new blog, a space dedicated to the publication of news, novelties, events and all the information related to the world of traditional cultivation in the garden. Huerta de Pancha is committed to this Project with the intention of offering useful information to our customers. In “EL BLOG DE PANCHA” you can find news related to the field, as […]