Maracuyá (Passion Fruit)

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The Maracuyá or passion fruit, is a delicious tropical fruit with many properties. From organic farming of our lands, we offer it as a different and unique dessert. Take advantage of the limited offer 😉

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Fruit of the passion

  • – It has properties that help reduce muscle pain and headaches. In addition, it relaxes the body fighting stress and insomnia.
  • – Eliminates coughs and respiratory problems that can be caused by asthma.
  • – Provides the body with vitamins A and C and the B complex, as well as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.
  • – Contains carbohydrates and sugars, which make it ideal for lifting your spirits and energy. It is also highly recommended for athletes.
  • – Its high fiber content makes it an excellent remedy for constipation, as it helps regulate digestion.
  • – It is ideal to include it in diets to lose weight and take care of the line.
  • – Helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases such as flu or colds.
  • – It has antispasmodic effects, so it is perfect for controlling menstrual cramps or even stomach or bronchial spasms.
  • – Its seeds have an oil that helps to contribute to skin care. In addition, it works as an anti-inflammatory, protects, strengthens, hydrates and clarifies it.
  • – It acts as a very effective treatment for the hair, giving it shine, avoiding the grease in it and promoting its growth.

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