Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

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Yellow, red or white pitaya. Also called dragon fruit. It has unique properties … are you going to miss out on trying them?

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Pitaya is a very exquisite exotic fruit, also called dragon fruit. In Spain and practically in Europe, it is only possible to grow them in Malaga thanks to our tropical climate. We have 3 types: yellow, red and white pitaya. Large in size, pitaya fruit has a soft, sweet and mushy pulp. It is eaten with a spoon, previously cutting this exotic fruit in half. You can also use its leaves for infusions that alleviate headaches, improve insomnia, anxiety and nervous conditions. Are you going to miss out on trying this delicious fruit that is so coveted in fashion? They are served in boxes of about 4.5kg-5kg- Approximately 9-10 units of up to 500gr per unit.


The yellow or red pitaya is native to tropical America, mainly Central America and the Caribbean. It is a very demanding and delicate crop, in addition to not being excessively generous in its production. Due to the demands of the climate, and a range of temperatures that can hardly be found in many places on earth, they make this exotic fruit especially coveted. As we have described above, it has many properties and health benefits, but it is very difficult to find where to buy pitaya that are not imported or subjected to refrigeration, processing or chemicals.

The pitaya plant is from the cactus family (Cactaceae) and does not require a lot of water. The pitahaya prefers warm sub-humid climates. However, it also thrives in dry climates. The optimum temperature for the development of the plant oscillates around 16-25ºC, not tolerating low temperatures. On the other hand, temperatures above 38ºC can cause damage due to burns.

That is why, from the Huerta de Pancha, we have ventured into creating our own crop, unique in the area.

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