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Remember when tomatoes tasted like tomato? Treat yourself to some exquisite tomatoes grown in the traditional way.

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Searching the best tomatoes

In the Huerta de Pancha we grow different varieties of tomatoes. We select the best types of tomato based on trial and error trials. Every year we plant and test new varieties to analyze if we decide cultivate said variety or not. What do we base on to choose the perfect tomato ? We prioritize taste first, regardless of production. We have discarded very productive varieties for others of less production simply because of the tomato flavor at a tomato tasting.

Another of the conditions is that they must withstand possible pests and changing weather conditions well, since a weak plant would need specific treatments and our purpose is to grow the best products. natural possible. If we have a good base, a good plant that withstands different conditions or possible diseases or pests that may appear, it would not need extra products, simply specific care for each cultivation without the need for additives that can ultimately affect the flavor.

How do we grow tomatoes?

Next, we are going to describe what processes we use to grow tomatoes in the Huerta de Pancha

1.1. Preparing the land

Before starting to plant tomatoes we need to prepare the ground to adapt them to the needs of our tomato plant. To do this, we till the land until it is fine, eliminating weeds and we will make some small furrows (in our case we have left a distance between furrows of approximately 1.8 meters) that will be used for the irrigation system and as a place to grow our tomatoes.

To prevent or reduce insect pests (such as whiteflies, thrips …) without actually using chemicals, we use simple adhesive traps. It is enough to place a trap every 5-6 meters approximately, however, we have used an adhesive every 2 meters in order to improve this prevention of insects and avoid the use of chemical pesticides as much as possible. The result is a more natural crop giving the tomato a incomparable flavor .

1.2. Cultivation day

Once the land is prepared, we must plant the tomato cuttings in the furrows prepared for it. We will make some shallow holes, simply to house the roots of the cuttings. We are placing each plant in the hole as shown in the image.

1.3. Natural pollination with bees

Bees play one of the most important roles in our tomato crops, as they are responsible for pollinate the flowers of our plants. They exchange pollen in flowers cultivation with the aim of plant reproduction , being a fundamental process for the life of our fruit . So fundamental that it directly affects the quality and quantity of the fruits. If the plant is not pollinated correctly, it will hardly produce fruits, and if it does, we are not only talking about scarcity, but the fruit quality it would be seriously affected. That is why in La Huerta de Pancha we have controlled the processes of pollination naturally and how it has been carried out since a lifetime, with bees.

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