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Organically grown, we harvest them ripe so that the sweet acid flavor always predominates. The season is from March to April.

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Ecological loquatsLoquats grown in the Axarquía region (Málaga) of a gourmet variety, they have a very sweet flavor, it is not the typical acid loquat we are used to. From organic farming, we harvest them ripe so that the sweet acid flavor always predominates, which differentiates us from any other producer of medlars. We are not in a rush, they are collected at their optimum, one by one. It is a spring fruit (from the end of March to May), low in calories and very rich in vitamin A. Orange in color, very juicy and fleshy, with an approximate weight of 50-80 grams.


The oldest data on the medlar comes from the ancient Chinese empire. This plant is native to the southern part of the nation, and its positive effects regarding health maintenance have been known since ancient civilizations.

The secrecy of the ancient Chinese rulers made it impossible for the Western world to contact plants like the medlar. For this reason, it was not until many centuries later that Japanese navigators were able to obtain loquat plants and seeds and spread them throughout Asia and Europe.

Already in the 18th century the fruit was known throughout the world, even in the colonial domains of the superpowers of the time. By then its healing and medicinal abilities had been somewhat discredited. Its main use was human consumption and the decoration of spaces.

Few people in the world have never seen it. It is a small orange fruit, whose main characteristic is to have a fleshy content that carries a strong and characteristic aroma along with delicious combinations of acid and sweet flavors.

The medlar plant is one of the resistant and adaptable in the world. Small or large quantities of fruit can be grown almost anywhere on earth. It is a tropical fruit that can easily be found outside the tropics.

Today many of its positive effects are still unknown to many. The medlar fruit can be presented as an ally in the presence of illnesses in the body. Likewise, a medlar tree can look perfect in your garden.


A medlar plant is one of the most beautiful that exists. On average, they can grow to between three and seven meters tall. In subtropical climates, the medlar is grown during the autumn season, while in areas that get closer and closer to the tropics they can be cultivated several times during the year.

One of its most recognizable characteristics is its branching. From a very low height the trunk begins to drop branches. Likewise, said trunk tends to have a very pronounced straightness and in general the medlar plant has superficial roots.

Its leaves are lanceolate, covered with villi and with lengths ranging from 15 to 20 centimeters. Once it has entered its reproductive period, it produces white and very small flowers. They are grouped in the crown of the branches and mostly bear fruit.

The life expectancy of a medlar tree is between thirty and fifty years. Under special conditions for each species it can last considerably longer. Once every three months you can approach one of these trees and take the fruit directly. The intake of the medlar apart from being beneficial is delicious.


Unlike many other exotic fruits from many parts of the world, the popularity of the medlar globally is really low. There are places where it is not even known that it is medlar, and others where it has a very bad reputation.

Western Europe and East Asia are the places in the world where loquat consumption remains stable. In America, on the other hand, there is no culture of consuming this fruit. Furthermore, as ornamentation it does not play a primary role in the culture of the Americas.

In some parts of the world, there is a belief that the consumption of medlar is harmful to health, which is completely false. Medlar is no more harmful than any other fruit, which does not have to be consumed in excess to avoid suffering from common indigestion.

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