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Avocado Lamb Hass, the influencer of the Huerta de Pancha


La Huerta de Pancha has dressed up to see the Lamb Hass Avocado parade, the new variety of avocado, younger than the Hass and an influencer on the rise. For those who do not know the Lamb Hass avocado variety, it comes from a seed selected from a cross-pollination of “Gwen” (granddaughter of the “Hass”). The cultivation of the Lamb Hass avocado in Spain is very recent.

It is very similar to Hass, although wider and pear-shaped, with very rough skin and a dark green color that turns black as it matures. It has optimal degrees of fat that give it juiciness. This, together with its low presence of bone, makes it easy to spread, ideal for guacamole, sauces, toast, creams, etc. If you want to be sure that your lamb-hass avocados have reached an optimum degree of ripeness and are ready for consumption, watch this practical video made at La Huerta de Pancha.

Although at Huerta de Pancha we like to joke, imagining our farm as a fun red carpet where the best tropical fruits parade, the truth is that avocado is more than just a fad. It´s health properties are unquestionable and in the Axarquia, and specifically in the lands of the Vega, where the Huerta de Pancha is located, tropical fruits have found a perfect place to grow. At Huerta de Pancha we want to offer quality avocados for as long as possible, so we welcome this variety, lambhass, with open arms, which allows avocado consumption to be prolonged.

Buy Lamb Hass Avocados in our online store www.HUERTADEPANCHA.ONLINE and you will see the exquisiteness of our favorite tropical fruit.


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How to make homemade guacamole easily and simply

Guacamole is one of the most popular sauces in the world. It is a dishmainlymade up of avocado, the tropical fruit par excellence of La Huerta de Pancha. Guacamole has its origin in Mexico since the avocado (mainingredient of this sauce) is a foodthat comes fromthe central and sou thern zone of this country. It began to be made before the fifteen the century and its fresh and unmistakable flavor has conquered much of the world.

Itis a sauce that can act as a host in many dishes, including nachos with guacamole. Its original recipeis prepared with mashed avocados, lemonjuice, tomato and chili, but it is true that there are otherways of preparing it.

At La Huerta de Pancha web bet on a guacamole recipe that is easy to make, but no less appetizing for that. Next, we show you thes teps to follow to get an incredible homemade guacamole.

Guacamole Ingredients

  • Half an onion
  • 2 small tomatoes
  • 4/6 ripe avocados
  • 4 limes forthejuice
  • 2 tables poons of corian leaves
  • Serrano chili (Optional)
  • A pinch of salt and pepper

Preparation of homemade guacamole

  1. First, we peel the half onion and wash the tomatoes. Next, peel the tomatoes intovery fine and small pieces.
  2. Once we have the onion and the chopped tomatoes, we take the ripe avocados and cut them in half. We separate the two parts and empty them with the help of a spoon.
  3. Add the avocado and lime juice to a bowl and begin to crush the mixture with the help of a mortaror fork.
  4. Add two tables poons of chopped corian leaves and mix every thing with the tomato and onion.
  5. We come to the final step. If you like it spicy, chop the serrano pepper very finely and add it to the mixture along with the salt and pepper. If not, add only the salt and pepper and move every thing with a woodenspoon.

Once theprocessis complete, wewillobtainthe final result, a delicioushomemade guacamole madewithproductsfrom La Huerta de Pacha and ideal as anaperitif at meetings withfamilyorfriends.


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The white onion, an essential food in mediterranean cuisine.

Mediterranean gastronomy is an art that further enriches our culture. A lifestyle based on well-prepared food rich in highly nutritional foods. If we stop to mention the products that cannot be missing in any kitchen, we must make a special mention of the white onion.

White onion is a staple for much of our dishes. In addition to being an important source of vitamins, it contains antirheumatic properties. At La Huerta de Pancha we grow onions outdoors, a method of production that gives the product a large caliber and a large stem.

This white colored onion can be eaten both raw and in stews. It is common to add this food to dishes as characteristic as gazpacho, salads or guacamole. It is also peculiar to taste the fried onion, a style of preparation that appears on the scene to delight the senses of all diners.

The white onion from La Huerta de Pancha is so rich and tasty that even the stem can be used to sauté, make scrambled eggs, add small pieces to salads and to flavor stews and broths.

In addition to containing vitamins and other properties, the white onion has qualities that stimulate the functions of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. This is why buying white onions online from La Huerta de Pancha is synonymous with health and well-being.

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Juan Ávila, CEO of La Huerta de Pancha.

We meet Juan Ávila, CEO of La Huerta de Pancha.

Audiovisual communication has beeninstalled in thecommunicationstrategy of manycompanies, includingLa Huerta de Pancha. Withthe idea of ​​continuing to progress in theinformativeaspect, from La Huerta de Pancha wewanted to get to know Juan Ávila, a TechnicalArchitectby training and, currently, CEO of ourfamilybusiness.

In a firstcontact, Juan tellsusthat, despitehavingstudiedTechnicalArchitecture, he decided to entertheworld of thecountryside and takethereins of La Huerta de Pancha, a familybusinessthatsettled in theAxarquiaregion of Malaga. fromthehand of “Doña Pancha”, Juan’sgrandmother and theseed of everythingthatiscurrentlyconstituted as La Huerta de Pancha.

Juan considershimselfpassionateabout new technologies. Thisiswhy he decided to createtheLa Huerta de Pancha online store, a pioneeringproject in the sector. In addition to takingcare of thecompany’s digital environment, Juan is in charge of organizing and managingalltheproductsthat are grown in the vegetable plot, as well as theprocess of collecting and preparingshipments.

Tomatoes, avocados and mangoes are thestarproducts of La Huerta de Pancha. Juan tellsusthatonions, potatoes and other tropical fruits are alsoplantedwiththe idea of ​​expandingtherange of products.

For Juan, producingorganicfruits and vegetables isessential to preserve theenvironment and thequality of a productwhosemain and directrecipientisthe final consumer. Juan highlights as a differentialvalue of La Huerta de Panchathepossibility of havingboth vegetables and tropical fruits in thesame box.

The CEO of thecompany, emphasizesthattheLa Huerta de Pancha online store arosewiththe idea of ​​marketing itsproducts in regions of Spain, butthegreatinternationaldemand led to a redesign of thedistributionstrategy, focusingonmanycountries of theEuropeancontinent.

Concludingwiththe interview, Juan underlinesthetransparency of La Huerta de Pancha and revealssome of thepiecesthatwillmake up thefuture of thecompany, a futureaimed at positioningitself as a touristlocation, capable of offeringguided tours and lodging.